Organic Dolomite

Increase Phosphate Efficiency

Ensure a steady supply of plant available Phosphate at all times.
The Magnesium in Golden Bay Dolomite acts as a carrier for Phosphate. Dolomite is a Calcium Magnesium Carbonate occurring as a completely natural rock deposit found in New Zealand only at Mount Burnett in Golden Bay.
Fertiliser and lime are more effective with carbon added. Carbon is food for the microbes. Carbon sources are well made compost, microbial inoculated aged bark, humates and/or charcoal.

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organic dolomite - 3kg   NZ$ 7.99 Quantity
organic dolomite - 25kg bag   NZ$ 14.95 Quantity
Creste (Elbows) - 450 gm   NZ$ 6.88 Quantity

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