Organic Barley Flour - BioGro Certified

Grown in New Zealand
The barley grain is covered by a tough, protective hull or husk and has an outer seed coat that covers the bran layer, a large starchy endosperm, and an oil-containing germ. The hull and bran are removed by a process called pearling.
Barley is one of the oldest domesticated crops grown in prehistoric times. It is still the fourth-ranking cereal food crop in the world. It is grown for human food, as fodder for animals, and as a source of enzymes and carbohydrate for brewing.
Health and Barley:
Barley has been shown to lower cholesterol. It contains three compounds which may be responsible.
Barley is a rich source of beta-glucans which are associated with decreased cholesterol levels. Beta-glucans may achieve this by increasing thickness (viscosity) of intestinal contents.
The bran also contains tocotrienol, a form a vitamin E and is also rich in insoluble fibre, which may bind the cholesterol in the intestine and prevents its reabsorption. Organic Barley flour is made from pearled barley.

Nutritional Information per cup, cooked (in grams):

Calories Carbohydrates Fats Fibre Protein

In dry conditions it can be stored for months without loosing its high quality.
This flour has a 9 month best before date after milling.


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