Organic Long Grain Brown Rice - BioGro Certified

Grown in Argentina
Long Grain rice cooks to a fluffier consistency than Short Grain Rice but has a less pronouced flavour.When cooked, the outer portion is slightly crunchy while the inner portion is tender.
It is a true cereal grain and is still the world's most important food crop.
Unlike other grains, rice grows best in shallow water and thrives in warm, wet climates. Farmers usually flood rice fields to supply the growing plants with moisture and to kill weeds and other pests.
It is the staple food for over half the world's population and provides over half the daily calories for many people in Asia.

Rice contains more lysine, the limiting amino acid in true cereals, and so it is a good source of protein. Brown rice is also a good source of other B vitamins such as niacin and pyridoxine. Rice bran and rice polish are concentrated sources of these vitamins.
Magnesium and iron are found in brown rice, but the phytic acid present in the bran may decrease their bioavailability.
To increase the absorption of minerals from brown rice, always include a source of vitamin C with the meal. Brown rice is also an excellent source of insoluble fiber.

In dry conditions it can be stored for years without loosing its high quality.

Organic L/G Brown Rice -1 kg   NZ$ 8.99 Quantity
Organic L/G Brown Rice - 5 kg   NZ$ 34.91 Quantity


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