Organic Rye Flakes and Kibbles - BioGro Certified

Grown in New Zealand
Organic Rye has a unique hearty flavour. It mingles agreeably with the nutty taste of whole wheat. It is specially rich in minerals notably Potassium and B vitamins.
Flakes are made by rolling the whole grain flat. Kibbles are made by cutting the grain.
Rye is sweeter than oat and can be substituted for oat in any recipe.

Nutritional Information per cup, cooked (in grams):

Calories Carbohydrates Fats Fibre Protein

In dry conditions it can be stored for months without loosing its high quality.
These flakes and kibbles have a 3 months best before date and are processed to order.
Please put in your freezer if you would like them to last longer.

Organic Rye Flakes - 1 kg   NZ$ 5.13 Quantity
Organic Rye Flakes - 5 kg   NZ$ 16.29 Quantity
Organic Rye Flakes - 10 kg   NZ$ 32.13 Quantity
Organic Rye Flakes - 25 kg   NZ$ 75.15 Quantity
Organic Rye Kibbles - 1kg   NZ$ 5.13 Quantity
Organic Rye Kibbles - 5kg   NZ$ 16.29 Quantity
Organic Rye Kibbles - 10 kg   NZ$ 31.13 Quantity
Organic Rye Kibbles - 25 kg   NZ$ 74.15 Quantity

Processed Grains:

Organic Processed Grains - Flakes and Kibbles, Rolled Oats, Pearled Barley,Organic Soup Mix. Certified Organic and biologically produced.