Organic Golden Sugar

Golden Sugar is made from organically grown sugar cane and processed into a delicious golden sugar, right next to the plantation where the crop is grown. It is naturally milled - NO chemicals involved.

Golden Sugar has a free-flowing quality. Golden Sugar is a fine sugar like white sugar but with a beautiful golden colour. It's great for baking or simply to indulge those sweet cravings. Use in any situation that you would normally use regular white sugar.

500 gm   NZ$ 4.11 Quantity
1 kg   NZ$ 7.85 Quantity
5 kg   NZ$ 27.65 Quantity
10 kg   NZ$ 53.83 Quantity
25 kg   NZ$ 127.29 Quantity


Organic Sugar ad Sweets - Organic Golden Sugar, Molasses. Certified Organic and biologically produced.