Organic Wholemeal Flour biologically grown

Wheat is one of the oldest and most important cultivated food plants. Long before the beginnings of agriculture, people gathered wild wheat for food. Several varieties of emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum) have been found in rubbish heaps that date to the end of the Neolithic epoch, a little before the Bronze Age.
Scholars believe that about eleven thousand years ago, people in the Middle East took the first steps toward agriculture and that wheat was one of the first plants they grew. In time, these early farmers raised more grain than they needed to feed themselves. People no longer had to wander continuously to search for food. This enabled them to form settlements. Some areas grew enough grain to feed people of other lands, and trade was developed. Villages became thriving cities. in cities, many people did not have to produce their own food and were freed to develop other useful skills. Over time, these changes led to the building of more towns and cities, the expansion of trade, and the development of the great civilizations of ancient Egypt, India, and Mesopotamia.

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