Organic Pellets for Laying Hens

Layer pellets use fishmeal for a higher protein level.
Contains some or all of the following wheat, barley, peas/lupins, rye, broll, lime, fishmeal and linseed. This is supply dependent at the time of manufacture
10kg and 25 kg bags. bulk prices available on 1/2 a tonne or more.

10kg - Bio Gro certified to Domestic Standards   NZ$ 19.98 Quantity
25kg - Bio gro certified to Domestic Standards   NZ$ 46.94 Quantity
10 kg - Biologically Grown   NZ$ 16.82 Quantity
25kg - Biologically Grown   NZ$ 43.17 Quantity


Organic Stock Food - Pellets for Laying Hens, Chicken Grower Pellets, Pig Grower Pellets, Calf Grower Pellets,Feed Wheat, Shell Conditioner. Certified Organic and biologically produced.