BioGro Certified Organic Chicken Grower Crumbled Pellets

Chicken Grower pellets are for growing chickens for meat however some people use this for starting their wee chicks because of the higher protein content.
Contains wheat, barley/sorghum, broll peas/lupins or soyameal, lime and fishmeal

Like all our products this product is grown on farms certified by the N.Z. Biological Producers Council or equivalent overseas Organisations.
BioGro certified to Domestic standards.

10kg   NZ$ 21.53 Quantity
25kg   NZ$ 53.10 Quantity
10kg   NZ$ 20.59 Quantity
25kg   NZ$ 48.40 Quantity


Organic Stock Food - Pellets for Laying Hens, Chicken Grower Pellets, Pig Grower Pellets, Calf Grower Pellets,Feed Wheat, Shell Conditioner. Certified Organic and biologically produced.